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Wapt Pet Policies

On this page you can read our privacy statement, our security policies and other information to proceed with your navigation on Wapt-Pet.com.

Our commitment

Wapt Pet is proud to design each of its products so that it can offer the best in its price range. We redouble our efforts to guarantee a price just for a fair quality. Our reputation is based on our unwavering determination to apply this policy in the context of research, design, the choice of our service providers and the development of our products.

If you are concerned about how we treat your information, after reading you can choose whether or not to continue your navigation. Know that at Wapt Pet, we want to offer you a pleasant and lasting experience of our interactions on our site but also with our products.

The use of the www.Wapt-Pet.com site implies the full acceptance of the general conditions and terms of use described hereafter. These terms and conditions are subject to change or addition at any time, so users of www.Wapt-Pet.com are invited to consult them on a regular basis.

About : General conditions & terms of use of the website and services offered

Geographic scope of the site

This site aims to promote the services and products of Wapt Pet.

This website is available to visitors residing in France and outside France for information purposes, Wapt Pet will endeavor to provide the most accurate information. It is possible that the products and services presented on this site are not available for sale in your country, in the latter case Wapt Pet will mention it.

Website hosting of www.Wapt-Pet.com :

O2switch – 222-224 Boulevard Gustave Flaubert 63000 Clermont-Ferrand

Limitation of Liability

The content of this site is provided « as is » and does not include any warranty of any kind, implied or explicit, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose particular.

Changing Terms

Any publication on www.Wapt-Pet.com may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Occasional changes may be made to these publications. These changes will be made in their new editions. Wapt Pet reserves the right to make improvements and / or modifications to the products and / or programs described in these publications at any time and without prior notice.

Information provided

Interactive spaces such as comments are available to users. www.Wapt-Pet.com reserves the right to remove, without prior notice, any content posted in this space that would violate the law applicable in France, particularly the provisions on data protection. If necessary, www.Wapt-Pet.com also reserves the right to challenge the civil and / or criminal liability of the user, in particular in the case of messages of a racist, abusive, defamatory or pornographic nature, Or the medium used.

About : Confidentiality declaration

At Wapt Pet, we want to offer you a pleasant and lasting experience through our interactions. For this it is essential to establish and maintain a relationship of trust. It is important for us that you understand how your personal data is collected and used.

As part of this policy, Wapt Pet refers to Nicolas R. Wapt Pet can be reached at any time via the contact space.

This Privacy Policy refers specifically to www.Wapt-Pet.com and applies to information that you provide online, as well as by other means.

  • Personal data: « Personal data » refers to information about you, whatever it may be. This is information that allows you to identify yourself directly (like your name) or indirectly (like your IP address, which we recover when you buy a product online).
  • How do we collect your personal data? Here are some of the ways we can get personal information about you:
    • Contact form
    • Warranty claim form
    • Purchases on direct sales channels Wapt Pet
    • Other online interactions (participation in contests and draws, surveys, etc.)
    • Statistics about your use of the Web site for analysis purposes.
    • Cookies during navigation

Transfer of personal data to third parties

It may be necessary to transfer your personal data (name, address, telephone number, e-mail, preferences, and interests) to companies associated with Wapt Pet, to enable them to search for orders, process purchases and analysis and marketing operations in the name of WAPT Pet. It is possible that such companies (data processing specialists) may be located in the United States or in countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) whose legal rules on the protection of privacy And management of consumer personal data differ from those in force in the European Union. If this is the case, Wapt Pet undertakes to take all necessary measures to ensure that your personal data are nevertheless protected in an appropriate manner.

Please also note that Wapt Pet may transmit specific information to third parties (courts, administrative bodies, etc.) if required by law. For reminder www.Wapt-Pet.com is a site subject to French law.

How do you communicate your preferences about your personal data?

In accordance with consumer protection provisions, all users of the www.Wapt-Pet.com website have the right to access, rectify and oppose their personal data by making a written and signed request, accompanied by A copy of the identity document with signature of the holder of the document, specifying the address to which the reply should be sent or using the contact form.

About : Use of cookies

The website www.Wapt-Pet.com uses cookies, installed on your computer. Cookies are essential to the processing of your requests. This information (both the configuration of the computer and the personal preferences of the consumer) simplifies the use of the Wapt Pet website. This information may contain personal information, but it will not contain a name (other than the user name), address or other personal data, such as credit card data. For more information about using cookies. You can configure your computer to refuse cookies. In this case, you may not be able to use all functions of the Wapt Pet website or access certain pages.

To refuse the installation of cookies :

Under Internet Explorer: tool tab (pictogram in the form of a cog in the top right) / internet options. Click Confidentiality and choose Block All Cookies. Confirm with OK.

Under Firefox: At the top of the browser window, click the Firefox button, then go to the Options tab. Click the Privacy tab.

Set the retention rules to: use the custom settings for the history. Finally uncheck it to disable cookies

Under Safari: Click at the top right of the browser on the menu pictogram (symbolized by a cog). Select Settings. Click Show Advanced Settings. In the « Privacy » section, click Content Settings. In the « Cookies » section, you can block cookies.

Under Chrome: Click at the top right of the browser on the menu pictogram (symbolized by three horizontal lines). Select Settings. Click Show Advanced Settings. In the « Confidentiality » section, click Preferences. In the « Privacy » tab, you can block cookies.


www.Wapt-Pet.com will also be liable for consequential damages (such example, loss of market or loss of opportunity) arising from use of the site www.Wapt-Pet.com.

The website www.Wapt-Pet.com contains a number of hyperlinks to other sites, set up with the authorization of www.Wapt-Pet.com. However, www.Wapt-Pet.com does not have the possibility to check the content of the sites visited, and will therefore assume no responsibility for this fact.

In any case Wapt Pet tries to bring you the best answer.