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Wapt Pet Limited Warranty

At Wapt Pet we pay special attention to the problem encountered with our products.

Wapt Pet provides the following free warranty services under the following provisions when a manufacturing or material defect occurs on a product during the warranty period rendering the product unsuitable for normal use.

How long is my Wapt Pet product warranty ?

All Wapt Pet products have a 2 year warranty period unless otherwise stated. A warranty extension can only be issued by Wapt Pet, an official distributor or dealer can not of itself offer an extension of warranty at the expense of Wapt Pet.

The warranty period covering Wapt Pet products for professional use is in accordance with the respective user manual.

The warranty period takes effect with the purchase of the Wapt Pet product from an authorized Wapt dealer. The date of sale shown on the proof established by the partner reseller is applicable. The services provided under the warranty do not cause the end of the warranty period, nor do they have the effect of marking the beginning of a new warranty period.

In which case the claim warranty is excluded ?

The warranty claim is excluded when :

  • The malfunction is due to improper use of the product, which does not correspond to the usual use as described in the user’s guide.
  • The malfunction can be attributed to harmful environmental influences, especially when the product is used in an inadequate environment. For example, in case of strong humidity or exposure to an excessive heat source.
  • The malfunction is due to incorrect use which does not correspond to a user instruction described in the user guide.
  • The malfunction can be attributed to an external intervention, in particular a repair or the use of accessories, insofar as Wapt parts have not been used.
  • The malfunction is due to an external event, such as an accident, a lightning strike, or an overvoltage.

What happens during warranty service ?

In the event of a warranty, Wapt Pet remedies the defect free of charge or will replace the defective product by a product in running order, at its option and without further notice.

How do I claim my warranty on my product ?

The exercise of the warranty right is evidenced by the fact that the product is during the warranty period, sent or delivered to Wapt Pet or to the partner dealer.

To exercise your right to warranty you can contact the partner dealer or contact directly for more speed Wapt Pet.

To contact Wapt Pet in the event of exercising your warranty right use the contact form here.

In the case of a shipment, the transport risks are borne by the sender. Wapt Pet does not reimburse any shipping, transportation or transportation costs.

In the latter case, and in order for the exercise of the warranty right to take place under optimal conditions, the return of the product must include :

  • The proof of purchase established by Wapt Pet or a partner reseller
  • A description of the malfunction
  • The Wapt Pet product

Please us the form to claim your warranty.


In any case Wapt Pet tries to bring you the best answer.